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A Train Building Company needed to become more efficient in their Production and Test Lines to meet major milestones that were continuously slipping. A review of these lines revealed inefficiencies and long periods of down time. By introducing a daily detailed review of these lines and embracing integration between functions the down periods were utilised and the inefficiencies were eradicated, driving the production lines to keep to their original programmes and deliver ahead of schedule.

The Train Building Company had to deliver the first 7 Train Sets to meet a major milestone in the contract. The Master Schedule for these Sets was repeatedly slipping and the latest schedule had a forecast of March 2012 for Practical Completion (PC) of the 7th Set. The Project Leadership Team received JBA direction to deliver the first 7 Sets by 19 December 2011. In order to achieve this, the site had to restructure to triple shift and work 24/7. Additionally, one Set was transferred to another site to conduct testing to alleviate the site Test Line bottle neck. A new Master Schedule was produced predicting hours to go. This plan is tracked daily to prevent any slippage and an escalation route introduced to address slippages immediately to keep to the build programme. All Function Managers were compelled to attend the daily review to address issues within their departments immediately.

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JBA Was formed in Feb. 2005

Initially to provide hands-on consultancy services primarily within the rail industry, the primary clients being London Underground (LUL), Network Rail, Metro trains Melbourne, Sydney Trains, Bombardier Transportation, Metronet Rail, BVT Surface Fleet and BAE Surface Ships , where a variety of roles were undertaken from interim operation management, supply chain management, engineering management to COO and Vice President of Operations Performance.


JBA Change Management Corporation

Currently JBA are working with various Rail Organizations in the US to devise methods of consultant support to improve their business performance. JBA Change Management Corporation (North America) was set up June 2017 to establish a firm base for all contracts in the US going forward and to provide a presence in the North American market.

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