Supply Chain Optimization

JBA offers its clients both advisory support, full hands on implementation of Supply Chain Performance Improvement Consulting.

Three of the more popular Supply Chain product offerings amongst current clients, include Total Package Services (TPS), Back Audit and Long Term Agreements (LTA).

  • TPS focuses in reducing the number of Supply Chain Organizations providing indirect materials and services, yet retaining full Supply Chain Services mandatory for efficient operations.
  • The Back Audit product offering focuses on auditing up to 5 years of accounts, ledgers and recovering monies owed to the Client. From experience Organizations recover anything from 0.1 to 0.5 percent of expenditure incurred over the 5 year duration.
  • Long Term Agreements is a technique to reduce the costs if direct materials and services by structured contractual negotiations with the key Supply Chain Organizations.

Further from the above, JBA also offer Supply Chain CIPS Professionals to assist clients in contract management, negotiation, expediting, etc.

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