Risk Management

The risk management process generally begins with the identification and quantification of all exposures, perils and hazards existing in the organization. 

Ultimately, the decision to transfer or retain risk is a safety and financial decision.  The risk manager must be knowledgeable about all aspects of the organization’s operations, as well as the business and regulatory environment in which they work.  The JBA risk manager plays an important role in the identification of perils and causes of loss in the organization.

JBA provides risk management services to all clients as part of our turn-key management platform.  Complex client fact patterns may call for specialized risk management services. Should this be the case, JBA’s Best In- Class advisor network brings World-Class risk management services to our clients on an optional basis.  Our team are highly skilled, independent professionals, who work with senior management executives to evaluate the risk management operation and effect positive change. They offer many benefits to our clients seeking to improve safety, reduce costs, protect themselves financially, take control over how their businesses are insured and risks are mitigated.

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