JBA Change Management Corporation (JBA) offers its Clients both advisory and hands on support for Operations performance improvement. Focusing on reducing unnecessary process and materials waste and streamlining resources where necessary; JBA guarantees its clients that operational improvements in both a technical and transactional environment can be achieved by utilizing a set of proven management tools and embedding correct management behaviours within the organization.

JBA Consultants have held very senior positions in large blue chip organizations. For example, a Senior JBA Consultant was recently the COO and Vice President of Operations at a City of London organization, where he held a management span of control of over 1600 personnel with an operating budget of £228M. During his term, he improved efficiencies within his business area and increased reliability of products by up to 40%.

By utilizing industry best practice tools and techniques such as LEAN, Six Sigma and Business Process Mapping, JBA Change Management Corporation have transformed numerous operations ranging from frontline shop floor manufacturing operations through to transactional operations in the service sector distributed over multi geographical locations.

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