Business Situation

After years of growing ridership, in 2016 the New York City Subway system saw a decline in passengers which continued into 2017. That year also saw a number of significant incidents that further damaged the reputation of the organization and the service it provides. The MTA came under increasing pressure to meet the demands of the traveling public to improve service. In response the Governor of New York State declared the New York City Subway in a “State of Emergency” in order to speed up delivery of initiatives that could to rapidly improve subway performance. The Subway Action Plan [SAP] was designed to arrest this decline in performance and to stabilize the system. A key thrust of creating the improvement existed within the Car Equipment Division, to that end NYCT undertook to expand major overhaul capacity from 950 cars to 1,322 cars per annum within 2018. Integral to this expansion were improvements to long term reliability by shortening the major overhaul cycle of the largest fleet [R160] from seven to six years.

The Solution

JBA provided project management of the delivery of the revised overhaul target centering effort within the Coney Island Overhaul Shop (CIOH) and 207St Street Overhaul Shops (207OH). Delivering 1322 cars within 12 months translated to a 43% increase in production throughput across Coney Island and 207St sites. The previous best output achieved had been 956 cars in 2017 [493 at CIOH & 463 at 207OH].

Initially engaged to assist production at Coney Island, JBA consultants identified that both overhaul facilities would need support. This aspect required an extension of the project scope to cover operations at 207th Street, this work was incorporated within the original scope at no extra cost to the client

JBA is a World-class exemplar in delivering step-change improvements in train overhaul facilities. The revised scope, although challenging allowed JBA to put to work techniques and expertise across both Shops whilst ensuring full delivery of the agreed project scope. The project target was successfully exceeded (December 2018), with 1342 Cars completed. During the course of the project, JBA consultants identified additional efficiencies and delivered approved cost savings of $21m. A further $171m of potential savings were also submitted for approval. These were provided to the client in the form of fully costed business cases to allow their assessment and potential inclusion within future plans.

Set up as a pilot to determine the benefits of focusing on improving reliability using a LEAN toolset. Furthermore, this initiative was to develop templates for the potential. The rollout of the approach to all the DCE Maintenance Shops. As a result of the JBA input to the Maintenance Shop and the positive take up of all the LEAN initiatives, East 180 has seen an improvement in MDBF from 160,000 to 250,000 miles (56% improvement). When compared to Jerome and 239th Street, similar Maintenance Shops this is a significant improvement in output.

As a leader in step-change improvements in train overhaul facilities, JBA was invited to submit a proposal to provide direction for the delivery of the revised overhaul target project within the Coney Island and 207th Street overhaul shops. To meet the revised 1,322 overhaul demands the Coney Island overhaul site would have to churn out a 43% annual increase. Previously the best between both overhaul facilities was a total of 956 cars.

JBA has extensive experience working with global rail owners and operators. Our experts have global mass transit knowledge and experience. We combine technical and engineering expertise with a keen eye on the business side of operations by delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Our people understand rail operations, track control, signaling and infrastructure assets. We approach assignments as consumers of mass transit. We imagine our family riding and using the services of mass transit, instead of strangers who become statistics for most companies. It’s personal to us!

Our recent efforts on behalf of NYCT and the MTA have proven a wise investment for the client, and achieved real dollar savings. Our step-change improvements in train overhaul facilities enabled us to approach the revised scope of work through work techniques and expertise across both of the shops. We were able to meet the deliverables on time for December 2018. The increased target of 1322 cars was exceeded (1342) on time despite a 43% increase in production output required across for the Coney Island and 207St facilities. The previous best was 956 cars!

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Company History


JBA Was formed in Feb. 2005

Initially to provide hands-on consultancy services primarily within the rail industry, the primary clients being London Underground (LUL), Network Rail, Metro trains Melbourne, Sydney Trains, Bombardier Transportation, Metronet Rail, BVT Surface Fleet and BAE Surface Ships , where a variety of roles were undertaken from interim operation management, supply chain management, engineering management to COO and Vice President of Operations Performance.


JBA Change Management Corporation

Currently JBA are working with various Rail Organizations in the US to devise methods of consultant support to improve their business performance. JBA Change Management Corporation (North America) was set up June 2017 to establish a firm base for all contracts in the US going forward and to provide a presence in the North American market.

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