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Working with the Change Management Directorate within Metronet Rail, an infraco organisation of Transport for London – we were asked to undertake a review of their ‘top 8’ operational issues and resolve them with pragmatic solutions within a set time period.


Metronet Rail was incurring financial penalties rising into millions for recurring issues affecting the reliability of the service.

JBA assisted the Change Management Directorate into resolving these issues by undertaking structured, yet fast ‘practical problem solving’ (PPS) workshops, which highlighted issues and set structured implementation plans to resolve key recurring failures in the most cost effective manner.

Statistical measurements of the issues were undertaken to ensure that improvement plans were working and meeting the required baselined objectives of the project.

“With the assistance of JBA, we managed to resolve recurring issues, resulting in reducing financial penalties to our customers by £3.6m year on year.” -Vice President Six Sigma

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Company History


JBA Was formed in Feb. 2005

Initially to provide hands-on consultancy services primarily within the rail industry, the primary clients being London Underground (LUL), Network Rail, Metro trains Melbourne, Sydney Trains, Bombardier Transportation, Metronet Rail, BVT Surface Fleet and BAE Surface Ships , where a variety of roles were undertaken from interim operation management, supply chain management, engineering management to COO and Vice President of Operations Performance.


JBA Change Management Corporation

Currently JBA are working with various Rail Organizations in the US to devise methods of consultant support to improve their business performance. JBA Change Management Corporation (North America) was set up June 2017 to establish a firm base for all contracts in the US going forward and to provide a presence in the North American market.

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