JBA Change Management Corporation offers clients both an advisory and hands on Change Management service, focused on changing the culture and behaviors of organizations from the frontline through to senior management personnel.

By capturing and utilizing the ethos of "tell me and I'll hear you, show me and I'll understand", JBA consultants practically work with personnel at any level of an organization and ensure that they initially understand the benefits of any change(s) to be brought about, secondly are brought in to them by providing them with practical examples or exercises, enabling them to fully appreciate and realize what the benefits would be and finally ensure that the change is embedded by ‘Process Conformation’ and ‘Auditing’ tools, which ensure sustainability and culture change.

JBA Consultants have held both senior positions as Change Managers and Change Consultants, where they have consulted numerous organizations for both organizational and people change.

Based on the recent Economic changes and unrest, an offering that has been exploited by a number of organizations in the last financial year has been the ‘Economic & Efficient’ tool set, i.e. a framework and tool set designed for Organizational Restructure, whilst ensuring that no risk is brought about to the productivity and/or performance of the organization.

The E&E framework and tool set are innovative change management framework designed and copy written by JB.

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