BVT Surface Fleet

Our Client, BVT Surface Fleet (BAE Systems/ VT Group), asked JBA to support their production teams to meet a crucial milestone payment of £21 million. Using a combination of project planning processes and effective daily management techniques enabled the production teams to meet their contractual financial Milestones.


BVT had a contract to deliver 6 Ocean Patrol Vessel (OPV) Warships, three for one customer and three for another, both of a different design. The first of class ship had not met any of the expected build milestones due to customer changes and late engineering design. As production time was subsequently reduced the decision was made to introduce different levels of planning with progress charts against each activity with clear escalation routes to and from all the support areas within the business. It was immediately apparent that there were no detailed or cohesive plans for communication paths, resulting in all the different production departments working together and failing to meet milestone deliverables.

"JBA achieved a reduction in planned and unplanned work hours between ship1 and ship2 in the structures area of 40-50% as opposed to the business expectation of 25%. this reduced the production time from 7 weeks to 4 weeks bringing the milestone payment back on schedule"
Head of Production Engineering, BVT Surface Fleet


  • Individuals given daily production targets
  • Detailed Master Schedule created
  • Detail schedules linking back to dependencies
  • Daily Start and end of shift meetings installed
  • Safety Walks and Process Confirmation implemented
  • Meeting disciplines and behaviours
  • Concern and Countermeasure process implemented
  • Daily process confirmation introduced
  • Improved safety and housekeeping
  • Visualisation Centre Installed

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Company History


JBA Was formed in Feb. 2005

Initially to provide hands-on consultancy services primarily within the rail industry, the primary clients being London Underground (LUL), Network Rail, Metro trains Melbourne, Sydney Trains, Bombardier Transportation, Metronet Rail, BVT Surface Fleet and BAE Surface Ships , where a variety of roles were undertaken from interim operation management, supply chain management, engineering management to COO and Vice President of Operations Performance.


JBA Change Management Corporation

Currently JBA are working with various Rail Organizations in the US to devise methods of consultant support to improve their business performance. JBA Change Management Corporation (North America) was set up June 2017 to establish a firm base for all contracts in the US going forward and to provide a presence in the North American market.

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